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Maison Tulip is a digital marketing agency that is specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Maison Tulip, as an SEO Agency, helps businesses to increase sales by dominating organic (non-paid) search traffic on Google. We rank specific keywords to the top of the search engine results. Frances Ibink, the founder of Maison Tulip, is an SEO Specialist in Amsterdam, a Certified Inbound Marketing Hubspot Partner, a Certified Google Partner and she belongs to mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEO experts.

What is SEO and why could an SEO Agency
help grow your customer base and increase sales?

Consumers use search engines, such as Google, to find what they are looking for. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing and improving search engine rankings. The aim of SEO is to increase traffic to your website by ranking specific keywords to the top of the search engine results. Maison Tulip, as an SEO Specialist Amsterdam, uses specific techniques to rank keywords to the first page of Google, keywords that are relevant to your business. You dominate your competition by taking over Google. If consumers cannot find your website, you are missing out on incredible opportunities. Therefore, working with an SEO consultant in Amsterdam could have a significant impact on your business results.

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The Facts

Organic (non-paid) search results overwhelmingly outperform paid advertisements. Therefore, ranking keywords that are relevant for your business to the first page of Google could have a significant impact on your business results.


Of consumers click on organic search results on Google


Of consumers click on paid advertisements on Google


Of consumers never scroll past the first page of search results

How does Maison Tulip,
as an SEO Specialist in Amsterdam,
help businesses?

Bespoke Service

Each company and brand is unique. To deliver impeccable results, Maison Tulip provides bespoke SEO services.

Increase Exposure

Exposure is one of the key elements to success. By dominating the rankings in Google the exposure for your business will increase.

Grow Customer Base

Our SEO strategies will help grow your customer base as we will bring targeted traffic to your website, traffic that is relevant to your business.

Increase revenue

High rankings in Google will bring a stream of customers to your website who are interested in your products or services which will have a significant impact on your revenue.


You will have our personal email and cell phone number to contact us. If you have a question, a problem that needs to be solved or you would like an update, we are happy to hear from you.

Monthly reports

We provide monthly reports which include the most important changes and updates on the rankings of your keywords. The monthly reports will show the impact of our work for your business.

Return on investment

 SEO takes time, it could take 4 to 12 months to start seeing results, which is confirmed by Google. Once you get the rankings, a stream of new customers will find your website and you will receive a positive return on your investment.


Maison Tulip belongs to mastermind groups that include the world’s best search engine optimization experts. We discuss strategies and stay on top of our industry to benefit your website.

Google Certified Partner

Maison Tulip is a Certified Google Partner. Google Partners are digital marketing experts and agencies who have been certified by Google because of their proven expertise.

How do we work?



Fill out the form

If you are considering Maison Tulip as your SEO Agency, please fill out the discovery form completely. It will give us an overview of your business, your goals and the keywords you would like to target.




Free video analysis

We will review all the information you filled out in the discovery form and we will conduct an SEO audit of your website. After that, we will create a free video analysis where we will review goals and make suggestions.



Call or meeting

After you have reviewed our video analysis, we will schedule a phone call or meeting to discuss the possibilities and we will explore our potential scope of working together.




Project Proposal

We will create a proposal after our phone call or meeting. The proposal will include an overview of the activities we need to undertake to get results, a detailed breakdown of the costs and a timeframe. 




Start Project

After accepting our proposal, we will start working on your project. We will develop a bespoke SEO strategy by analyzing your website, developing buyer personas, conducting an in-depth keyword research and comparing competitors’ rankings. 




After developing an SEO strategy, we will start with on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves optimizing your site structure, URLs, page title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, ALT texts, internal links, anchor text, page speed and your mobile website. Off-page SEO involves creating social profiles and citations, and link building.



Monthly Updates

SEO takes time, it could take 4 to 12 months to start seeing results. While we are working on your on-page and off-page SEO, we will provide monthly reports which include the most important changes and updates on the rankings of your keywords.




After several months, your rankings will start kicking in. You will see that your rankings will go up and down which is called the ‘Google dance’. Our goal is to be in the top organic results with the chosen keywords. Once you get the rankings, the traffic to your website will increase enormously. 


More about SEO and working with an SEO Specialist Amsterdam


If you are new to digital marketing, you have probably heard about SEO but have not been given a clear explanation of what it is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a strategy for getting your website ranked in top search results of the search engines. Over 77% of consumers use Google to search for products and services.

By not having your website listed and ranked in the top results, you are missing out on a significant number of your target audience. While there is a lot of information available on SEO, it is recommended to work with an SEO Specialist. SEO is a very technical subject and there are many things that an expert in SEO will know that cannot be taught in a 500-word article or a five-minute tutorial video.

Why is SEO So Effective and Which Aspects are Important to Getting Great Results?

What distinguishes SEO from other marketing strategies is that it puts your website right in front of targeted prospects. Users are searching for a product or service, so it feels natural for them to visit your website if it appears in the top search results. People also use the search engines to conduct research about products and services they plan on purchasing. By building a strong SEO Amsterdam campaign and attaining a prominent position in the search results, you are also building your credibility, trust, and authority.

However, it can be very challenging to build a successful SEO Amsterdam campaign. It can take several months to start seeing results. It is also very technical as there are many aspects of search engine optimization that needs to be worked on.

Here is a brief list of things that are the most important to Google:

1. Proper On page Optimization 
You need to make sure that the pages on your website are using proper search engine tags. This allows the search engines to determine what your site is about and use the tags to display your listing in the search results.

2. High-Quality Content
The search engines are looking for high-quality content to satisfy their users. An SEO Specialist Amsterdam can help you figure out what kind of content your users want and how to craft your content in a way that the search engines love.

3. Backlinks from Relevant Sites
Any SEO Specialist Amsterdam will tell you that most of the results will come from getting links from other sites. The links also need to come from relevant sites, making it a challenge to acquire these valuable links.

4. Mobile Friendly Site and Design
With Google backing mobile friendly sites and more users browsing from mobile devices, you must have a mobile friendly site and design to succeed. By not having a mobile friendly site, you could be alienating as much as 15 to 50 percent of your users.

5. Proper Site Structure
The missing ingredient in many search campaigns is having a proper site structure. You need to work with an SEO Expert Amsterdam that makes sure that your pages are connected and organized in a manner to help the search engines index your pages and determine what they are about.

The Difference Between PPC and SEO

Another common marketing channel you can use to get traffic to your site is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This is an advertising platform where you post sponsored advertisements on top of the search engine results. The big difference between Pay Per Click and search engine optimization is that you are bidding for a price and paying for each person that clicks to your site from the ad. In contrast, traffic from an organic search campaign is completely free.

While pay per click is attractive due to the fact that you can generate instantaneous traffic, SEO is far more effective. 94% of consumers click on organic search results on Google vs 6% on paid advertisements. What’s more, users tend to trust the organic search results more since it is not labeled as a sponsored listing. It gives users the idea that the website earned its spot rather than having had to pay for it. This can often lead to higher lead and sale conversion rates than paid campaigns.

Another strong reason to work with an SEO Expert Amsterdam is that of how hard it is to scale up Pay Per Click campaigns. You will have to tie up a lot of capital maintaining your campaigns and invest your cash flow into scaling the PPC campaigns. With organic search engine optimization campaigns, you can scale to other keywords once you get the top rankings for your initial keywords. You will still need to put in the work to retain your rankings but an SEO Consultant will be able to find the right balance in maintaining and scaling your search engine optimization campaign.

Working with an SEO Specialist in Amsterdam

By working with an SEO Specialist Amsterdam, you will be able to target local customers, build a reliable revenue stream and create a strong brand. Hiring an Amsterdam SEO Specialist will allow you to leave all the technical details of SEO to an expert so that you can focus on your core competencies. It takes a lot of work and time in building and managing a search campaign. There is also a very high skill cap in learning the technology side of SEO.

You will find that a qualified SEO expert will prove to be a cost-effective investment. A well built SEO campaign will provide a strong return on investment if managed correctly. With that said, you need to make sure you find the right person for the job. When hiring an SEO Specialist Amsterdam, work with somebody that follows the Google Webmaster guidelines and has a strategic approach to building an SEO campaign.