Local SEO Tips 2018

In this article, we share Local SEO tips for 2018. Local SEO is not only for mom and pop stores anymore, each business can take advantage of it. Every year, the number of searches on mobile phones is growing and mobile searches are, as you can imagine, often done while on the go.

A Google study showed that 30% of mobile searches are related to a location and 50% of customers who do a local search on smartphones make a visit to a store within one day.

The integration of smartphone and internet into the human life has made some substantial changes in the recent years. People started depending on search engines before they plan to buy something and go for the best possible option. Previously, they were consulting with others to know the best shop for fashion in the city, the most-delicious restaurant in a specific area or the best dentist. Now, people depend on search engines to give suggestions and answers for their queries. This increasing trend has changed the way many of the businesses work in today’s world especially because Google loves local businesses. Local SEO, targeting consumers that are in your city or area, has become of significant importance for local businesses.

Local businesses, irrespective of whether they have a national presence, are forced to go for a local search engine optimization strategy to get business from their city or area. It is key to driving more people to your business. Every local business should start focusing on optimizing particular parts of their website that would help them to be suggested or referred prominently by the search engines in the local search results. For local businesses, it is high time to send local signals to the search engines by creating local content, local social profile pages, and citations.

On-Page Local SEO Tips 2018

Set the NAP & Create Specific Location Pages
Businesses should make sure that they set up NAP, which is the name, address, and contact number (with area code). It is a step that ensures both customers and search engines are finding the business. Most businesses choose the header, footer, about and contact page to add their location and contact information. Companies that have multiple locations should go for separate location pages to add local SEO content. The pages should give information such as NAP, store hours, parking information, unique store information, testimonials, promotions, and more. It is important to avoid duplicate content.

Adding Locally Relevant Contents
Companies should have the aim to grow as a local authority of their industry by publishing regular blog posts. Some local SEO tips in 2018 for blogging include promoting local news, industry gatherings, educational content, and employee information through the site’s blogging platform. Local businesses can create helpful resources including local service providers of a particular service or make calendars for city-wide events, as these add value to the business and make excellent on-page signals.

Off-Page Local SEO Tips 2018

Create Google+ Local Account
Setup and verify the Google+ local account for each business location. Link the corresponding location pages to the Google+ accounts as it significantly improves the Local business SEO signals.

Remove any Duplicate Listings
To ensure efficient local SEO, remove any duplicate listings using Google Maps. It avoids any dilution of reviews and links in multiple Google+ local pages.

Create Platforms for building Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews have a significant impact on your local SEO performance. As a business, you want those yellow stars next to your local business listing. More than five reviews in Google+ local would automatically show review rating with the business listing, another important factor in Local business SEO. Some customers could be new to Google+ reviews, but companies can guide them by showing the process using handouts or emailing them the procedure.

Optimizing Business Categories
Adding business categories to Google+ local profiles helps to improve the Local business SEO. Everyone should try to add 4-5 categories most relevant to their industry.

Another business listing and review site is Yelp, but it is tricky. Adding business information and creating review option are excellent tips for local SEO as both improve the presence of the company on the web. However, businesses cannot ask customers to review on Yelp as its policy is against that. Companies can embed a Yelp badge and let customers know the presence of the business on the Yelp platform, to improve the local SEO.

Inbound Links and Citations

Citations are mentions of a business and their NAP on other websites; however, it may not have a link. Both inbound links and citations are important tools in improving local SEO signals. Note that 60% of Americans use mobile phones and tablets for searching local products and various service information. See some of the local search engine optimization tips to add more citations and inbound links on the web.

Cross-verify the business address
Companies should ensure the consistency including the spelling of the address, business name, and contact numbers.

Create the Directory Citations
Businesses can update their map data in the following map data aggregators as Apple, Google+ Local, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Bing, and more. Companies should ensure that the citations are consistent across the aggregators, and they should remove any duplicates found as it can affect the local business SEO.

Earn Local Links
Businesses can also improve the local SEO by earning links from other local sources. Companies should create valuable and compelling local content that other websites find worth linking to. Companies can achieve that by using local SEO tips include collaborating with local community organizations, working with school career programs and internship, and by involving in local events.

The above reference guide is to help businesses make a jump in their local SEO. Remember that some of those tips for local search engine optimization are a one-time activity, whereas others are an ongoing activity. The recurring activities include posting locally relevant content, building reviews, and more to ensure the long-term success of local SEO.

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